WellConnection provides complete inspection services for Drillpipe, OCTG and associated tools, utilising the latest state-of-the-art technology.

We work in accordance with API, NS-2, DS-1 and customer specified specifications. Inspections are performed by fully certified and experienced teams. Our services include:

  • Drill Pipe Inspection
  • Drill Collar Inspection
  • HW Drill Pipe Inspection
  • BHA Inspection
  • Handling Equipment Inspection
  • OCTG, Rig Preparation, Rig Return and Refurbishment Inspection
  • Enterprise of Competence Inspection

How we work

Inspection - How We Work - WellConnection

Wireless Inspection System 

WellConnection developed our own Wireless Inspection System (WIM). All measurements are directly transferred to our system using digital wireless measuring instruments. The inspection workshops have online monitors showing live data, including serial number, and relevant acceptance criteria for all pipe being inspected, giving the inspectors immediate feedback on whether the measurements are acceptable or not.

The implementation of our digital inspection system removes manual registration, eliminating typing errors. The inspection reports are available for our customers to view on the customer portal immediately after the inspection is completed.


WellConnection also developed a dedicated and sophisticated reporting database (ITEM) that combines inspection reports, statistical analysis reports and logistical reports. ITEM consists of the following modules:

  • Work Orders/Pre-invoices
  • Inspection Reports
  • Type Registry
  • Stock Lists
  • Serial Number Registry
  • Delivery Tickets
  • Transaction History
  • Statistics Module

The ITEM database in conjunction with our temporary RFID system, gives both the customer and WellConnection a very efficient overview of the equipment’s movement and history. By combining the two systems (WIM and ITEM), we can track tubulars by serial number throughout the complete maintenance process and present a real time stock list to our customers. Our RFID system is compliant with all known permanent RFID systems currently on the market.

The WellConnection Statistic Module (part of ITEM) can calculate average wear (OD, tube and HB). These calculations provide the basis for estimating average wear and allows our customers to forward plan any potential purchasing of new pipe.

The database is available for customers via our web portal.

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