CNC Machining

WellConnection’s highly qualified and experienced personnel are always ready to provide an unrivalled service at our state-of-the-art machine shops.

WellConnection stands out as the leading supplier of licensed tubular connection repairs and manufacturing in Norway. We offer a complete supplier package within machining, maintenance and welding. Full documentation packages, detailing full traceability is provided for all work.

In-house developed products include Guide Wire Anchor and Lifting Anchor for the subsea industry.

We have license agreements with the thread manufacturers TenarisHydril, VAM, Grant Prideco and API, and are the only approved Tenaris Blue Dopeless facility in Norway.

How we work

CNC Machining - How We Work - WellConnection

Precision and quality

Highly experienced and trained machinists working in modern facilities with state-of-the-art machinery, supply equipment and repairs to a very high level of precision and quality.

Our flexibility and innovative approach to operations, ensures me meet the high standards expected by our clients

Our quality assurance system is built to meet the requirements of NS-EN ISO-9001: 2015.

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Lars Helge Sande
Sales manager
Dusavik (Wepco)
Øystein Natås
Head of Mongstad area