We work with customers and third-party certification companies to facilitate repair and reclassification of equipment.

WellConnection is the leading supplier of Licensed connection repairs in Norway. We repair OCTG, Drillpipe, BHA, and associated equipment. The combination of state-of-the-art machine shops and highly experienced and trained personnel enables WellConnection to provide an unrivalled level of service for repairs and manufacturing. Our lathes have the capability of handling tubulars with up to 16” diameter.

Our services include:

  • Re-cutting
  • Shop Refacing
  • Hardbanding
  • Straightening of bent pipe
  • Make And Break
  • Manufacture of BHA
  • Surface treatment
  • RFID Marking
  • Phosphate and sandblasting
  • Induction stress relieving
  • Copper plating equipment
  • AMC Torque machine, operating from 0–100,000 ft/lbs, up to 20” OD

How we work

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Hardbanding repair

We have developed Norway’s most modern fully automated production line for hardbanding repair. Our personnel are highly qualified and certified, offering a high level of precision and capacity. We are fully licensed to apply Castolin, Arnco and Duraband hardband and can accommodate other brands on request.

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Lars Helge Sande
Sales manager
Dusavik (Wepco)
Øystein Natås
Head of Mongstad area