WellConnection Group Apprenticeship Scheme Supports the Work Force of the Future

WellConnection Group, leading Norwegian inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) company, has been offering apprenticeships to promising individuals for the past 11 years. Our scheme provides exceptional opportunities to not only develop skills in a range of areas including industrial mechanics, welding, CNC-machining, logistics and NDT, but also to become a member of the successful WellConnection team.

Over 30 candidates have graduated from the apprenticeship scheme, with over half going on to secure full-time positions at WellConnection after passing their final exams. Seven candidates participated in the special TAF programme, with one apprentice joining as an engineer after completing their assessment and a five-year Bachelor’s and Master’s course.

The group runs a four- year TAF (Teknisk Almen Faglig/ Technical Foundation Course) programme, blending secondary school education and the apprenticeship scheme together, enabling candidates to build skills and earn their certificate whilst still remaining a student. During the first two years, the candidate spends two days per week in the workshop, with the other three days spent in school. After these initial years, the candidate partakes in three days at the workshop, and two days at school. At the end of the programme, the candidate completes their final exams, enabling them to tackle further education as an engineer, with their certificate of apprenticeship. Kristoffer Hermanse (Pictured) was our first ever TAF graduate and is now employed with us as a part of our skilled team of individuals.

Chief Executive Officer of WellConnection Group, Rune Haddeland, congratulated the graduates, saying: “We are extremely proud of the graduates that have come out of our apprenticeship scheme. WellConnection is committed to inspiring the next generation, not only investing in our company’s future, but also the future of industry. We wish the six candidates gearing up to take their final exams this month and next year the very best of luck.”

WellConnection Group is a portfolio company of EV Private Equity, a global Oil & Gas specialist investor with offices in Stavanger, Houston and Aberdeen.