One-stop shop provides sustainability

“Our strength is that we are a one-stop shop. This ensures quality, competitive prices, and sustainability for our deliveries,” says Site Manager Øystein Natås.

WellConnection Mongstad has weathered both a pandemic and business process harmonisation, and the company is now ready for development and growth. 

Natås was a contracted worker for five years until 1998, and has been employed with WellConnection ever since. He has had many different tasks in the company, and this year he became Site Manager. WellConnection Mongstad has 63 employees.  

“There has been a huge development since I first started here. I enjoy both my work tasks and the positive working environment. Over the past year, we have made targeted efforts to streamline the business, and it is exciting to be able to lead this work,” he says.  

The environment and sustainability are priority areas for WellConnection.  

“We are currently exploring the possibilities for the electrification of both forklifts and flushing. But most importantly, we have short distances. We receive pipes from ships, transport them the short distance up to us, and then fix everything in our own yard. There is an enormous environmental benefit to being a one-stop shop,” says Natås.