Internal advancement and exciting opportunities

“I had planned to work in a kindergarten, but it didn’t turn out that way. I have now been with WellConnection for more than 20 years and enjoy it,” says Gullborg Rikstad.

Rikstad originally trained as a child and youth worker. She began working at a kindergarten, and then switched to salmon processing before ending up at WellConnection.  

“I hadn’t planned to work in this industry, but luck brought me here. I started as a temporary worker in 2009, and I really enjoyed it,” she says. In 2013, she joined WellConnection Mongstad as an employee.  

Rikstad has held several roles at WellConnection. From being a forklift driver to base logistics and supervising, she obtained a new position as a planer this year.  

“It’s inspiring to work in a place where you get a chance to develop and be given new tasks and challenges. I love it here,” she says.