Certificate of apprenticeship provides opportunities

Sturle Haugsvær (19) is an apprentice at WellConnection Mongstad in the NDT field. He will be taking his exam this autumn.

“I enjoy both the profession and the workplace. A certificate for NDT will give me many opportunities, both onshore and offshore,” he says. 

What is NDT?  

NDT (Non Destructive Testing) is an umbrella term for several different test methods that can be performed without damaging the test material. The purpose of NDT methods is to detect defects in materials or weaknesses that may arise when equipment is used over time, without reducing the physical properties of the equipment. 

When is NDT used? 

Non-destructive testing is used as part of the production or installation control to make sure that quality requirements are met. For instance, welded joints are x-rayed to check the welding quality. X-ray testing indicates whether the joint is fully welded or contains defects that are not permitted.