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Bjørn Angeltveit - WellConnection

Bjørn Angeltveit – CEO, WellConnection

Bjørn, who has gathered more than 25 years’ experience in drilling within the oil and gas sector, joined WellConnection in May 2019. Throughout his career he has held numerous positions in management, sales and business development working in Asia as well as Aberdeen and Stavanger, latterly as VP Business Development at COSL Drilling Europe AS. He is a former CEO of the IOT Group and held various management positions in Odfjell Drilling.

Bjørn holds a Master’s degree in Materials Technology for the University of Stavanger.

He is Chief Executive Officer of WellConnection, responsible for all the Group’s operations across Norway and the UK.

Arild Myrland- WellConnection

Arild Myrland – Project Director, WellConnection Norway

Arild has more than 20 years’ experience within high pressure cleaning and began managing Chemtech AS in 1998 until it was acquired by WellConnection in 2016, when he was appointed as Managing Director. Arild is responsible for WellConnection’s Norm/Hydroclean operations in three locations – Stavanger, Mongstad and Hammerfest – and has been instrumental in developing the company into the leading hydrocleaning provider in Norway.

Arild was also one of the founders of the company Norm Management AS, a consultancy company within NORM/LSA.