About us

Providing the best possible services, in the greenest possible way.

We are a leading service company, supporting the oil and gas industry to become safer, more environmental friendly and more cost effective.

We are a one-stop-shop for all our services and an innovative and flexible “can do” organisation which is delivering specific solutions to meet our clients’ demands for efficient, best in class, IMR services for subsea and drilling across both the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea. We also have engineering capacity and capability in manufacturing and product development.

Our way

For a global company like us, sustainability is an essential component of our Group strategy. Our ability to act and react to the challenges we face is decisive to our success as a business.

We deliver solutions that enable carbon footprint reductions and keep people and operations safe and secure, and that is important in our day-to-day work.


“Doing It Right” guides every action at WellConnection from providing our clients with a fast, flexible, efficient, cost effective service to ensuring our loyal employees can carve out rewarding careers. We have 25 years’ experience in the North Sea which has allowed us to develop a stable, innovative staff who deliver the quality service at short notice which has helped us become the sought-after partner in our sector for the oil industry.

Our aspiration is to build on that quality, to continue to drive our standards even higher and to become the go-to company for the services we provide in provinces around the globe.


WellConnection is proud to include the biggest and best in the drilling and subsea sectors of the oil and gas industry amongst our blue-chip clients.

They range from multi-national energy corporations and business groups to the world’s largest oilfield service providers and drilling contractors. Also on our client list are operators and equipment suppliers.

«Frank and Jonas did one hell of a job to make sure we got this job on time and loaded back onto the truck. The deadline was tight and Frank and Jonas worked their socks off after-hours to make sure we got the job done, correctly, safely and on time. All involved at Well Connection were incredibly professional and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Fantastic job guys!»

Kris Cruickshank
RSS & ProVision Mechanical Team Leader, Schlumberger