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WellConnection provide the best and most sustainable services for the subsea and drilling industry.

We contribute to a greener oil and gas industry by helping our customers make a difference.

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Bjørn Angeltveit - WellConnection
Bjørn Angeltveit
WellConnection Group
Stein Bergo
Head of Stavanger area
WellConnection Norway
Øystein Natås
Head of Mongstad area
WellConnection Mongstad
Arild Myrland
Head of WellConnection Wepco
WellConnection Wepco
Bruce McKay- WellConnection
Bruce McKay
WellConnection IOS
Kim Andre Madland - WellConnection
Kim Andre Madland
Head of Sales & Business
WellConnection Norway
Lars Helge Sande - WellConnection
Lars Helge Sande
Sales & Business Development
Wellconnection Wepco
Tom Erstad
Sales & Business Development
WellConnection Mongstad

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